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Industry Specific French Courses

Industry Specific French Courses

French Language Courses Noida Fees

Course Fee : INR 25,000 per Student

3 Month’s
Advanced Courses

Business French And Industry-Specific Training

Enhance your professional expertise through Day2DayFrench, a distinguished leader in the realms of ‘French for Business’ and ‘French for Diplomacy.’

Are you seeking to immerse yourself in your specialized field for a day or two, fully leveraging your fluent French skills? Alternatively, if you’re at a less advanced stage or even a beginner in French, are you aiming to enrich your profession-specific vocabulary within one or two weeks?

Your expectations will be fulfilled: Day2DayFrench is tailored for individuals in the corporate world (entrepreneurs, diplomats, etc.) who value efficiency and need rapid French language proficiency development despite their busy schedules.

A standout specialty of Day2DayFrench lies in the art of ‘negotiating in French.’ We empower you to swiftly acquire the ability to converse, think, and respond in French. The French culture shifts from being a hurdle to becoming a strategic asset, projecting you as someone truly attuned to native French speakers.

Our arsenal of ‘Specialized French’ MP3 files, CDs, and CD-ROMs has garnered praise across industries. These resources equip you with indispensable expressions and idiomatic phrases crucial for negotiations. These are not mere vocabulary lists but rather practical sentences that seamlessly integrate into your conversations. With the Day2DayFrench approach, these sentences become second nature, just like those in your mother tongue.

Day2DayFrench Business Specializations:

  • Administrative French
  • Banking French
  • Business French
  • Commercial French
  • Diplomatic French
  • Economic French
  • Financial French
  • Food and Beverage Industry French
  • Legal French
  • Insurance French
  • Marketing French
  • Office French
  • Delivering Speeches or Presentations in French
  • Medical French
  • Mastering Negotiations in French
  • Scientific French
  • Secretarial French
  • Sales Conversations in French
  • Technical French
  • Travel Industry French
  • Fluent Travel Conversations in French
Empower Your Team with In-Company Training

For corporate entities seeking comprehensive language enhancement for their teams, Day2DayFrench offers immersive group training. These sessions, tailored for groups of up to six participants, take place right within your company premises. Renowned multinational corporations, including Allianz, Axa, European Commission, Hoffmann-La Roche, UBS, and Swiss Life, have entrusted their language training needs to Day2DayFrench.

Within a week, employees from these esteemed corporations experience remarkable advancements in their specialized language skills. Day2DayFrench’s immersive approach ensures learners not only grasp the language intricacies but also gain the confidence to excel within their professional domain.

Elevate your language skills with Day2DayFrench. Whether you’re navigating negotiations, delivering presentations, or mastering industry-specific nuances, our customized programs will empower you to thrive in French-speaking business and diplomatic environments. Embark on your journey to linguistic excellence today. 

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