French Language Institute in Noida 2022

French language is a language belonging to the Indo-European group of languages, often referred to as a Romance language. Like many other languages, French grammar is mostly simplified from Latin. French as a language is official in 29 countries, spread across different continents. United Nations has French as an official language. Canada, Belgium, western Switzerland, etc. have French spoken as their first language. It is found that most of the French speakers are found in the European region also in European Union, French is the second most spoken language. It is also the second most taught language there.

Spoken by people in almost 53 countries, it is one of the most wide spread languages of the world. The estimate of French speaking people worldwide is approximately 300 million. It is used as first or second language in four continents: Europe, North America, Africa, Islands in Indian and Pacific oceans. The distribution of the language across the globe is due to the political, cultural, scientific, and economic influence of France.

French Language Institute in Noida 2022

History of the language French has long international standards of literature and science. It is the primary language of many international institutions such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Olympic Committee, the International Committee of The Red Cross. French has been considered as the third most useful language for business after English and Standard Mandarin Chinese. Thus, making it a language of importance.

Countries Speaking French Language

Italy (Aosta Valley)
French Polynesia
New Caledonia
Equatorial Guinea
BeninRepublic of the Congo,
Côte d’IvoireDjibouti,Luxembourg,
AndorraBurundiCentral African RepublicChadGuadelupeMaliMartiniqueNiger,
Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon,
Democratic Republic of the Congo
French GuianaGuinea

French Language Learning and Course


  1. A1            Beginner
  2. A2            Elementary
  3. B1            Intermediate
  4. B2            Fluent
  5. C1            Advance
  6. C2            Bilingual

A1: This level is the basic learning level. It is the beginning level of learning French. This is where people learn how to greet, share personal details like introducing oneself, ask and answer questions about personal details, grammar lessons, adjectives, adverbs, listening lessons, prepositions, accents, how to identify everyday words and how they are spoken etc.

A2: This level of learning French is low intermediate. This is where adverb positioning, how often adverbs occur and where to be used, enhancement of vocabulary, writing skills, reading, pronunciations etc. are learned. A person can communicate in a simple manner like asking for directions, understand frequently used words when spoken clearly.

B1: It is the Intermediate French. Completing this level indicates an independent speaker who understands the language when spoken clearly, can communicate with French speakers of different countries, can easily comprehend and translates French and use it in his/her workspace.

B2: This level completion shows that a person is fluent in French language. The person can understand complex sentences and speak French without hiccups. This level gives you the give to use French in your career and get jobs as an interpreter, translator, teacher etc.

C1: This level indicates an Advanced French speaker. A person, after completing this level, can take a full career in French language whether in professional, social, academic way. This level indicates an advanced level speaker who organizes and articulates his speeches in a well-structured way. A person can live in France, get a job and do it at par with a native French speaker.

C2: This level shows mastery in French language. A person can understand everything he listens to or reads in French whether complex or easy, whether spoken clearly and softly or fluently. He/she can summaries information from varies sources and help someone else by translating.

Cost and Duration of French Learning Course

The cost of the course varies from city to city, state to state. The beginning course starts from Rs 12000 to Rs20000. The lower one is for small cities like Kanpur, Varanasi, etc.  while the upper limit showcases the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

Duration of the course also varies from 4-6 months depending on the learning institute.

Salary according to work experience

  • 1 year experience – Rs 25000- Rs 30000 monthly
  • 1–2-year experience – Rs 35000 monthly
  • 3–5-year experience – Rs 50000 monthly
  • 5–10-year experience – Rs 1 Lac. – Rs 1.2 Lac monthly

Benefits of Learning French Language

  • The benefits of learning French are that it enriches your mind with knowledge and becomes one of the shining gems of your career. As an international language, also, one of the most spoken languages in the world, it offers a number of career opportunities in native county as well as other countries. It gives you an opportunity to work in various industries such as hospitality, health care, travel & tourism, fashion, international business, educational institutions etc.
  • Having knowledge of French language helps in having a hassle-free experience in many countries where French is an official or second language. It makes the travel experience better and jovial. It also helps in understanding rich French Literature.
  • It can also become basis for learning another language such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. English can also be learned easily after learning French as many of its words are taken from French itself.
  • In India, French language provides variety of options in choosing a career as a French teacher, translator, interpreter, etc. also providing an edge compared to those who does not know international languages.

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French Language Institute in Noida

  1. LanguageNext
  3. International Lingua Institute
  4. Institute of German Studies
  5. Amity University, Noida
  6. Tensai Institute of Japanese Language
  7. Krislingua Institute in Greter Noida
  8. Dronaa International Educon
  9. Big Ben the Language School French Institute in Noida
  10. L2L International French Institute in Noida
  11. Inlingua French Institute in Noida
  12. LangEcole French Classes in Noida
  13. Hablo French Language Coaching in Noida


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