Where I can learn french in Noida

The answer is Day2dayFrench.

Day2dayfrench is a renowned language institute in Noida that offers the best instruction in foreign languages. learn french the university provides a well-structured foreign language training programme that is open to both students and working professionals. In Noida, the institution is currently offering a range of French and Spanish programmes. German, Chinese, and Japanese language classes will shortly start in Noida.

French is among the most uncommon, beautiful, and widely spoken languages in the world. The address of this beautiful French institute is 7/103 sector 2 Rajendra Nagar Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201005. It provides any student who asks for it with individualized attention. As a result, it addresses each critical area where a student lacks proficiency.

If you wish to study a foreign language in Noida. A number of top-notch institutes that teach German, French, Spanish, and other foreign languages are also located in the city. It ascends from the most fundamental levels to the most advanced.

I sincerely hope that the information provided will be useful in your search for reliable language schools. It can help you study a range of foreign languages in Noida. The master-planned city of Noida is a part of the Indian National Capital Region (NCR).

Numerous industrial behemoths and companies offering IT, ITeS, BPO, and KPO Services across a range of industries, including banking, finance, insurance, pharma, auto, fast-moving consumer goods, and manufacturing, have attracted to the city. thanks to a highly advantageous and welcoming environment for rapid industrial growth, recreation, and export- oriented.

If you are a recent graduate seeking for work in Delhi or the National Capital Region, Noida is the best place to start. Its employment growth rate is respectably robust, and there are numerous job openings in a range of industries.

After studying a foreign language, you can apply as a language specialist to various companies, including HCL, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Samsung, Accenture, I-energizer, Adobe, and many more.

Course Levels for French:

  • A1 Beginner
  • A2 Elementary
  • B1 Intermediate
  • B2 Fluent
  • C1 Advance
  • C2 Bilingual

A1: This level is the foundational one. It is the first phase of learning the language. In this context, individuals learn how to meet one another, exchange personal information such as an introduction, ask and respond to inquiries about personal data, and learn about grammar, adjectives, adverbs, listening comprehension, prepositions, accents, common terms, etc.

A2: This stage of French learning is considered low intermediate. Here, you may learn about adverb placement, how frequently they appear and when to use them, as well as how to improve your vocabulary, writing, reading, and pronunciation skills. When spoken clearly, a person can speak informally by asking for directions and comprehending commonly used vocabulary.

B1: This is Intermediate French. Having completed this level, the speaker can converse with French speakers worldwide, effortlessly understand and translate French, and use the language in his or her workplace.

B2: This level of proficiency demonstrates a person’s proficiency in French. The individual is fluent in French and can comprehend and understand complex sentences. With the help of this level, you can utilise French to advance your career and get employment as an interpreter, translator, teacher, etc.

C1: This level denotes a fluent speaker of advanced French. After passing this level, a person can pursue a complete career in French, whether it is in a professional, social, or academic setting. This level designates an experienced speaker who structures and articulates his speeches effectively. One can live and work in France and perform on par with a native speaker.

C2: This proficiency level demonstrates command of the French language. No matter how difficult the French is, how softly and plainly it is spoken, or how fluently it is delivered, a person can understand anything they hear or read in French. He or she can translate for another person and summaries data from multiple sources.

Learn French Language Duration:

Depending on the educational institution, the course can last anywhere between 4-6 months.

Language courses offered by embassies in Delhi.

The most renowned locations to learn foreign languages in India are widely acknowledged to offer foreign language programmes in language schools affiliated with embassies.

The majority of these cultural centres are present all over the world. All cultural centres of Embassies are located in Delhi.

Other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, etc. may also have some of these.

Various types of programmes are available through the foreign language course offered by cultural centres or learning institutions connected to embassies.

It can be simple or typical or extensive and intense.

Additionally, they offer customised programmes, exam preparation seminars, and crash courses.

To meet your needs, they offer morning and evening batches on weekdays and weekends.

They typically hold 2-4 large sessions lasting 3–4 months each year.

1.  Alliance Française – The French Cultural Center

On June 30, 1956, the Alliance Française de Delhi (72, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi) was formally founded.

It serves as a cultural hub for the French embassy, hosting events and teaching French.

They have more than 850 branches spread throughout 137 nations and five continents. They want to spread awareness of French culture and language over the world. There are currently 28 of them in India (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Goa, Gurugram, Indore, Leh, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Manipal, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Mysore, Nashik, New Delhi, Pondicherry, Pune, Secunderabad, Vadodara, Trichy, Trivandrum).

Some cities, like Mumbai, have many AFD centres. The CEFR is used to structure every

French language course. They are an approved testing location in India for the DELF, DALF, TCF, and TEF tests.

The Alliance Française offers regular, intensive, and specially designed classes with a variety of themes, such as culture, civilisation, and translation.

AFD is a great option if you’re seeking for French lessons in Delhi or anywhere in India.

1.  German at Goethe-Institut Max Mueller

The goal of The Goethe-Institut, which has 159 locations worldwide, is to advance German culture.

In recognition of the German philologist and Indologist Max Mueller, the institute is known as Max Mueller Bhavan.

It may be found in six cities (New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune).

Additionally, there are seven additional German centres run by the Goethe-Zentrum in Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Rourkela, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum.

The Goethe-Institute, India, is working on a project called “German in 1000 Schools.”

The Goethe-Institute also provides courses that are specifically designed to help students advance their intercultural, hospitality, or guide-related skills.

Everyone in India has access to the eLibrary at the New Delhi location, which also trains instructors.

German language classes are available to pupils in more than 250 branches of Kendriya Vidyalayas (Centre Government schools). More than 50000 students are utilising this offer.

2.  Spanish at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi

The only Spanish Institute in New Delhi that is connected to the Spanish government is Instituto Cervantes. In order to promote Spanish language instruction and the cultures of Hispanic nations abroad, the Spanish government established Instituto Cervantes in 1991.

In India, the Instituto Cervantes follows and administers Spanish tests like the SIELE and DELE.

Both native and Indian individuals make up the teaching staff. In India, IC will only have one centre, New Delhi, as of 2022.

1.  Italian at Istituto Di Culture in New Delhi & Mumbai

The Italian Embassy is connected to the Italian Cultural Centre (Instituto Di Cultura).

It is actively involved in planning significant events, Italian film screenings, music performances, art exhibitions, and teaching Italian. It is situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Their Italian classes are structured in accordance with the CELI and CILS. Mumbai and New Delhi each have two locations for the Istituto di Cultura. It’s probably your best bet if you’re interested in learning Italian in India.

2.  Portuguese at Camões Institute in Delhi and Goa

Through the training of teachers, translators, interpreters, and other professionals, the Cames Institute in India promotes Portuguese culture and the study of the language.

It is Delhi’s top Portuguese education facility.

To promote Portuguese language instruction in India, they also work with several university departments that provide Portuguese courses.

Portuguese is taught in the Portuguese Cultural Center in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (A1, A2, B1).

Instituto Cames has a branch (the Centre of Portuguese Language and Culture) in Panaji, Goa because of how well-known it is.

3.  Japanese at Japan Foundation

The professional options in Japanese are the largest incentive among the many benefits of learning the language.

You can join the Japan Foundation in New Delhi to realize your ambition. But regrettably, they only have one branch.

The Japan Foundation was founded in 1972 as a special legal body under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ supervision to advance international interchange of Japanese ideas, arts, and culture.

The JF in Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi, features a wide range of Japanese courses that are in line with the JLPT exam because of the expanding job opportunities in the language.

one of the best places to access a large library and a great environment for independent study.

The institute also oversees and finances the programme for teacher preparation.  The best choices for learning Japanese in Delhi are MOSAI and the Japan Foundation.

1.  Russian Centre for Science and Culture

Associated with the Russian embassy is the non-profit Russian Centre for Science and Culture in New Delhi.

Its main objective is to advance Russian culture and language.

Additionally, they promote the enrollment of Indian students in Russian higher education institutions, plan numerous events, and disseminate information about Russia.

Russian Center for Culture and Science

In Delhi, they provide a variety of part-time Russian courses.

If you have a limited amount of time and are looking for any short-term courses, it is definitely the finest site to study Russian in India.

They have four other facilities in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Trivandrum in addition to the RCSC in New Delhi.

9.  Bahasa Indonesia classes in New Delhi

Free Bahasa Indonesia classes are offered for non-native speakers in Delhi by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

They run three-month elementary and three-month intermediate Bahasa Indonesia classes.

In India, there are no other educational institutions.

After JNU, the Indonesian embassy is your second choice if you’re interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia in Delhi.

9. Persian at Iran Culture House, New Delhi

The Persian classes are taught in Delhi by the Iran Culture House, which is situated at 18 Tilak Marg.

It uses contemporary language learning methods and Iranian instructors for basic and intermediate levels.

Through connections to Indian culture, tradition, history, and academia, the institution supports the spread of the Persian language in India. It is crucial in fostering the alliance between India and Iran.

There are no other branches of Iran Culture House in India.

10. Mandarin Chinese at Confucius Institutes

Since its founding in 2004, Confucius Institutes has served as cultural ambassadors for China abroad.

The Chinese Ministry of Education is connected to the Hanban or Confucius Institute.

More than 9 million students are enrolled in the 1,076 Confucius Classrooms and 516 Confucius Institutes that have been created in 142 countries and territories.

language classes at the Chinese embassy

Along with language classes, they also offer calligraphy, kung fu, and Beijing Opera classes.

The official Chinese language test, the HSK, is likewise overseen by the Confucius Institute.

There are presently three accredited Confucius centres in India, located in Kolkata, Mumbai University, and Vellore Institute of Technology, thanks to the expansion of professional opportunities in Mandarin.

These are the 11 educational centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, and other parts of India to pursue foreign language courses in the embassy.

Japanese Language course in Noida

Many Indian students opt to study in one of the institutions in Japan since it is known to have one of the highest educational standards, and their ability to communicate in the Japanese language helps them throughout this time. Choose Japanese classes at one of the language schools teaching Japanese terms if you’re interested in becoming a tour guide for the thousands of Japanese visitors visiting India. The pricing structure for Japanese language classes in Noida, Delhi is kept to a minimum to enable a greater number of people to enrol. These Japanese language schools help people learn the language quickly and to their great advantage, helping them achieve their goals of studying it. Either native-speaking Indians or Japanese visiting professors make up the faculties. In order to assist those who work in offices and cannot attend classes during the week, classes are also held on weekends. All students receive the greatest facilities thanks to spacious, contemporary classrooms that are supported by the necessary teaching materials. You can find a lengthy list of Japanese language classes by scrolling up this page.

Which are the top Language Classes For Japanese in Noida?

Top 5 Language Classes For Japanese near you in Noida are:

  • Team Language Services
  • VCLD – Veda Center Of Learning and Development
  • Team Language Services
  • Nihonkai Japan Culture Centre

You can check ratings, reviews, address, contact number, images, operational hours above.

Why should you learn Japanese?

Improve your career more quickly

One of the economies in the world that is expanding the fastest is Japan. Relationships and interpersonal interactions are crucial for success in Japan. Therefore, you can build stronger professional relationships with your Japanese clients if you speak Japanese. Consequently, it will aid in advancing your career.

Separates you from the crowd.

The European language is a popular choice among Indians who want to learn a foreign tongue. Japanese is never their first language of preference. Because you can speak the language that so many people have rejected, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Your personal and professional lives will undoubtedly change as a result.

Talk to robot

One of the leading nations in the development of innovative robots is Japan. The most sophisticated robots that resemble humans are being developed by Japanese businesses. You can communicate with these humanoid robots by learning Japanese because not all robots are initially trained to speak English.


You can have a lot of fun with anime, manga, and other video games if you learn Japanese. You will watch news, programmes, and movies from mainstream Japanese media if you have any knowledge of the language. It will enable you to remain ahead of the curve before it reaches the west by giving you a sense of the culture’s current state.

Improve your mental capabilities

According to current studies, learning a new language improves memorization, focus, and intellectual ageing. This is as a result of the new language’s novel rules, structures, and expressions. By teaching your brain to follow those patterns appropriately, you can acquire a second language.

Best foreign language institute in Noida

If you wish to pursue foreign language courses in Noida. Then, the city has some good institutes that teach French, Spanish, German, and other foreign languages.

It starts at the most fundamental levels and moves up. I hope this information will help you learn more about a few reputable language schools. It can assist you in Noida in learning a variety of foreign languages.

The Indian National Capital Region (NCR) includes the master-planned metropolis of Noida.

The city has attracted many industrial giants and infotech, entertainment, export- oriented, and companies offering IT, ITeS, BPO, and KPO Services in various domains such as banking, financial services, insurance, pharma, auto, fast-moving consumer goods, and manufacturing thanks to a most conducive and friendly environment for rapid industrial growth.

Noida is the ideal place to start if you are a fresher looking for work in Delhi or the National Capital Region. It provides a variety of sectors with plenty of career prospects and its employment growth rate is reasonably good.


Top Institutes Offering Language Courses in Noida

It can be difficult to locate the best foreign language school in any given city. In Noida, there are numerous institutions offering foreign language classes.

I suggest you join the organization that has a stellar reputation and gets things done. Some of the top schools offering foreign language instruction in Noida are listed here.

  1. LanguageNext, Sector-18, Noida
  • Institute of German Studies
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Tensai Institute of Japanese Language
  • Krislingua Institute in Greater Noida
  • Dronaa International Educon

1.  LanguageNext, Sector-18, Noida

LanguageNext is a well-known foreign language institute that claims to be the top language institute in Noida and provides the best foreign language training service.

The institution offers both students and working professionals a foreign language training programme with well-structured modules. The facility is currently providing a variety of French and Spanish classes in Noida.

Chinese, Japanese, and German language classes will also soon begin in Noida.

One of the most unusual, stunning, and frequently used languages in the world is French.

In place of being one of the leading colleges offering French classes in Noida, LanguageNext is one name that has carved out a special position for itself.

You have come to the correct site if you are looking for the top French, Spanish, and foreign language school in Noida.

It provides genuine instruction in spoken language abilities, reading, writing, listening, and learning certification.

This institute prioritizes giving each student individual attention and focuses on teaching small groups of pupils.

The best location in Noida for foreign language classes is LanguageNext.

1.  Institute of German Studies

The Institute of German Studies is Noida’s first German language school, having opened its doors in 1987. Only the German language is taught at this learning centre.

It provides a variety of thorough German programmes and is situated on the third floor of Wave Silver City in Sector 18, Noida.

Vinod K. Dayal and his wife are the main driving forces behind the organisation. For the past forty years, Mr. and Mrs. Dayal have been teaching German.

This German language school in Noida provides courses for both beginners and experts (divided into six categories of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 as per the Goethe-Zertifikat Exam in India).

Each course lasts for five months. Sessions begin twice a year in January and July, and classes are given both during the week and on the weekends.

The German institute also offers customized courses and German classes for school students.

2.  Amity University, Noida

Part of the Amity Education Group is Sector-125’s Amity University. It is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. One of India’s major private universities is this one.

There are campuses for Amity University all around India. Additionally, it has a number of overseas facilities in places like Dubai, London, South Africa, and China.

Do you have a passion for learning new languages, books, history, cultures, and civilizations?

The BA (Hons.) in German, Spanish, and French is a three-year full-time programme offered by the Amity School of Foreign Languages at Amity University in Noida.

The curriculum seeks to train foreign language specialists. The university permits students to claim seats on a first-come, first-served basis and has a 12-point qualifying requirement.

1.  Tensai Institute of Japanese Language

One of the top institutions offering classes in Japanese is Tensai Institute of Japanese Language, located in C-78, Sector-2, Noida.

Experienced instructors, study materials, and offline test series are all used in the classroom course.

For general students getting ready for the JLPT exam, they offer a range of services. Also available are Japanese sessions on both the weekdays and the weekends.

For each level (N5, N4, N3), which lasts six months, there is a cost of 19,500. Tensai’s contact information is 7645893570 or tensainoida@gmail.com.

2.  Krislingua Institute in Greater Noida

Another German learning facility in Beta II, Greater Noida, is Krislingua – The German Language Institute. Only the German language is taught at this learning centre.

The Goethe-Zertifikat, which includes the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, is used to organize and develop the German curriculum.

Contact Krislingua at krislingua.de@gmail.com or +91 82974 95857 for more details on German language classes in Noida.

1.  Dronaa International Educon

Dronaa International Educon is a perfect institution offering English and German

language education in Noida, located in the centre of the city in Sector 18.

Dronaa International Educon, which was founded in 2012, is the original name for Noida’s English coaching. Access to a variety of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, and GRE preparation is available at the centre.

Additionally, they offer study materials to help you get ready for the worldwide exam for English language proficiency. As a result, Dronna has set itself apart from other Noida IELTS training centres.

The USP of this college comprises highly qualified instructors, specialised curriculum, individual attention for every student, reasonable tuition, frequent mock exams, online classes, and top-notch study materials. Additionally, they provide weekend and weekly classes in Noida.

For a variety of immigration destinations, they also offer visa petitions, permanent residents, business visa permits, tourist visas, visas for study abroad, temporary resident visas, etc. It includes, to name a few, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Are you eager to master the lovely French language? Perhaps you already speak a little French and wish to get better. Or perhaps you’d like to visit a nation that speaks French someday.

Numerous online courses are available to get you started, whether you desire to study French for personal, professional, or even recreational reasons. Some online courses are self-paced sessions that you finish on your own, while others are live courses with either one-on-one or group lectures. The top online French courses are listed below for your convenience.

The 9 Best Online French Classes

Best Overall: Berlitz

Best Budget: FrenchPod101

Best for Kids and Teens: French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)

Best Audio-Based: Rocket French

Best Dialogue-Based: Babbel

Best Immersion-Based: Rosetta Stone

Best for Humor and Entertainment: Frantastique

Best Flexible: Lingoda

Best Self-Paced: Live Lingua

People Also Ask:

Can I get free French lessons?

Here are a few well-liked free methods for learning French: apps, software, and online courses. Tandem learning or language exchange with a native speaker. movies, TV series, and podcasts are examples of media resources.

Which countries offers French lessons?

With a solid grasp of the French language, you can travel more easily to places like Belgium, Guadeloupe, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Canada, and Martinique. It’s becoming more common to travel to study French.

Is it expensive to study French?

The linguistic skill that people most frequently strive to master is the French language. The “cost of learning” is the sole factor that differs from state to state. There is no mystery that taking foreign language classes can be expensive because every aspirant is aware of the going costs.

What is A1 level French?

DELF A1 highlights the first knowledges in French language. DELF A1 recognizes basic knowledge. It is the most basic level at which a language is used, called the “discovery” stage. At this stage, the learner can interact in a simple way: he/she can speak about him/herself and his/her immediate environment.

How fast can I learn French?

French is a Category I language, making it very simple for English speakers to learn. To become completely fluent in French, you will need to study for 580 hours, or 23 weeks. It could be divided into the following parts: You can learn French in 1.5 years if you put in an hour of study each day.

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