Scope of French Language in India After 12th

French Language in India After 12th

Are you feeling confused about choosing a profession after class 12th? One such great option is a career in foreign languages after 12th. But Why and How? Read along.

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is what to do with your life after high school.

Our profession has an impact on both our personal and professional lives. How will you choose a course that’s perfect for you when there are hundreds of possibilities available to you?

When you are unsure of what you want to do, choosing the correct career can seem like an impossible undertaking.

But setting a long-term objective will make you stand out and improve your chances of securing a rewarding position down the road.

Why French?

After English, French is the second most taught language worldwide, and it ranks as the sixth most spoken language overall.

French is spoken by more than 220 million people worldwide.

Many international organizations, like the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, FIFA, and UNESCO, have French as their official language.

The “Language of Love” is another name for French.

Africa, North America, Antarctica, and Oceania are among the 40 nations and European territories where the French language is spoken.

French is spoken by about 80 million native speakers and is an official language in 30 nations.

5 Good Reasons To Learn French

1.  French Is An International Language

It is referred to as the “Language of Love.”

One of the most extensively used languages in the world is French. French is therefore spoken by more than 220 million people worldwide.

French is spoken by around 80 million native speakers.

In 30 nations, French is the official language.

After Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic, French is the second most studied language worldwide. It is also the sixth most spoken language overall.

All five continents as well as 29 nations, including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, and Switzerland, speak French.

French is an official language of numerous international organizations, including FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, and UNESCO.

2.  Wide Career Scope and Opportunities

Speaking French fluently can benefit your career. A good wage package allows you to work in a variety of businesses. Learning French might be quite beneficial if you want to apply for jobs abroad. In reality, applicants for work visas in some nations, like Italy, France, and Canada, must have a basic command of the French language.

Business, Industry, and commerce,


Interpreting and Translating

Travel and Tourism

Media – Radio or Journalism



Services in MNCs

Call Centre

These are some of the work prospects available to those who speak French well. You can also work in foreign embassies in addition to these.

If you have high-level certification, you can earn a lot of money while lounging in the comfort of your own home.

The roles that a French language expert can consider are as follows:


Content Writer/Translator/Editor/Proofreader

Tour Guide



Public Relation Officer

The representative of Foreign Companies

Research associates

3.  A Language To Explore Art, Culture, Love, and Literature

The language of culture and tradition is French. France is well known for its cuisine, clothes, dance, and way of life. Additionally, those who are enthusiastic about learning about and experiencing different cultures can learn Spanish in order to appreciate French literature, art, and culture. It has received numerous literary Nobel Prizes. Additionally, France is a notable producer of foreign films.

4.  Offers Many Personal Benefits

Beyond broadening your professional horizons, learning French will increase your self-awareness. It enhances your multitasking skills and offers you numerous advantages in your daily life. These personal advantages may also assist you in leading a successful work life. You can also be the focus of attention for your friends, family, and coworkers.

5. Provides Unique Travel Experience

Every year, thousands of visitors from France and other French-speaking nations travel to India, thus knowing French presents you with a sizable chance. You can also browse the tourist attractions in France and other nations that speak French. Speaking French will make your trip to Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Monaco, Seychelles, and other French-speaking nations simple and pleasurable.

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French Language Job Opportunity

Finding a French language career may be challenging but if you look in the right industries, you’ll be sure to find an industry which is rewarding and allows you to converse in French regularly.

Careers Where You Will Use Your French Language Skills

French is a simple language for an English speaker to learn, according to research and polls of language learners and language schools. You have a variety of job options whether French is your native tongue, you are bilingual, or you have studied the language. We’ve produced a list of some of the most fascinating careers where your proficiency in French will serve you well.

1. French teacher

This is a terrific position for many of you if teaching is your profession and you are fluent in the language. Given that French is one of the most studied languages today, both language schools and regular schools are in need of proficient French instructors.

The prospects for teaching vary, as do the qualifications for the profession. The age group is one of the things you need to decide. Teach young children, kindergarten through sixth grade, or perhaps you’d prefer to work with students in seventh through twelfth grades. Numerous colleges and institutions offer French language programmes provided you meet the prerequisites. Try looking into organizations that offer adult language and continuing education courses.

The most crucial prerequisite for is that you have a teaching credential.

2. Interpreter or translator

These language services are extremely specialized and call much more than just being bilingual. If you are qualified, however, giving French translation opens up a lot of possibilities for you to work remotely or wherever. As a translator, you can take on employment translating manuals, directions, poetry, articles, books, or manuscripts because you work with the written word.

An interpreter needs to be skilled and does oral translation. Most interpreters are employed by big businesses. They can also be linked up with suppliers of language services. Even so, you might be able to obtain freelance interpreting employment in the travel and tourist industry.

It is preferable to have a degree in interpreting or translation, certificates from professional associations like the American Translators Association (ATA), and membership in these organizations if you are interested in working as an interpreter or translator.

3. Tourism, travel and hospitality

The tourism sector is one of your alternatives for employment if you enjoy travelling and speak French and other languages. You can take into account working for an airline as ground staff or even a flight attendant. You might try looking for job as a local tour guide showing off museums and other tourist attractions to foreign tour groups. Travel advisors who speak French and other languages are available from numerous tour operators. French speakers are also required in the hotel industry. You can work at restaurants, hotels, hotels, campgrounds, and ski resorts.

4. Foreign service

You might have a fantastic French language career in diplomatic services if you meet the necessary qualifications. In consulates and embassies all across the world, you can submit an application for a position as foreign service staff. It is crucial to conduct a search on the government website of your nation for information because the requirements differ from one nation to the next. Once you pass the examinations, there can also be a waiting list, so this kind of work is not suitable for someone who needs a job quickly.

5. Multilingual proofreader

If you adore reading and have a strong command of French spelling and grammar, you can consider submitting an application to work as a proofreader in the publishing sector. Magazines and publishing companies are potential employers. Prior to publishing, they want individuals who can edit and proofread documents. Additionally, you can edit and proofread French-language webpages for grammatical, spelling, and translation problems.

When applying for any of the opportunities we’ve listed, make sure you meet the necessary requirements in addition to speaking fluent French. A profession in French can be demanding, exciting, and useful for maintaining your language proficiency.

Govt. Jobs for French Language in India

Government organizations like Embassies of Foreign Countries and Ministry of External Affairs offer job opportunities for candidates with foreign language graduation. Translation jobs are available for professionals with foreign language skills in Department of Tourism of Government of India and different state governments as well. Teaching positions are available for foreign language professors in government-run educational institutions and for teaching positions, candidates must have completed their M. Phil or Ph. D in appropriate foreign language.

People also ask for :

Can French Students get Government job?

Yes. French government officials are neither elected officials nor government employees. In light of this, they are not required to have any qualifications other than being appointed by the president, the prime minister, or the prime minister in the case of ministers and secretaries of state.

Which govt job has highest salary?

One of the highest paid groups of government workers in India are IAS (UPSC CSE) officers. According to the new pay structure, an officer joining the IAS or any other civil service will receive a base salary of INR 56,100. The beginning pay for an IAS officer is around INR 70,000, according to the 7th Pay Commission.

What are the job opportunities after learning French?

8 Promising Careers Opportunities After Learning French Language in India

Teaching. Teaching is the best opportunity to pursue a career in a foreign language. …



BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)


Work With International Organizations and Companies.

Foreign Services.

Air Hostess.

Is French in Demand?

Yes, it is anticipated that 220 million people speak French as a second language, and by 2050, that figure could climb to 750 million, perhaps surpassing both English and Mandarin.

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